the powerful portal that helps your Sales reps sell better

How much time do you spend generating and distributing sales reports for your sales reps? How current is the information the reps get once they get it? Our rep users tell us all the time that before they had Crik-IT they were "flying blind". Because they didn't have timely access to current information about their customers, they couldn't provide the targeted support needed to maximize their customers' sales.

Crik-IT changes that. Here are some examples.

The dashboard gives your rep instantaneous feedback regarding his/her territory's performance.

For more detailed information, reps can run reports showing up-to-date info, like these...

Reps tell us they take 5 minutes before meeting with a customer to review the customer info in Crik-IT, making a great impression on the customer with their knowledge of the customer's business. The customer dashboard gives a great overview. The rep can drill down into individual invoices, orders, or reports if more detailed info is needed.